NSX Membership Requirements


NSX Sponsor

Sponsors will normally be Namibian based corporate brokers, banks and other professional advisers, including accountants and attorneys. Such sponsors must undertake to the NSX that they accept certain responsibilities. These responsibilities are detailed in Section 2 and Schedule 16 of the NSX Listings Requirements. The responsibilities of a sponsor appointed by an applicant issuer are twofold, namely:

(a) to assist applicant issuers with applications for listing which require the production of listing particulars and/or other relevant documentation; and

(b) to provide advice on a continuing basis regarding the application of the Listings Requirements, including the application of the spirit of the Listings Requirements and upholding the integrity of the NSX, and in particular, the continuing obligations set out in Section 3.



In order for an applicant to become a sponsor and to perform its responsibilities in accordance with the Listings Requirements, it must:

(a) submit written application as set out in Schedule 16 of the Listings Requirements or in such other form as the NSX may from time to time approve;

(b) be entered on the NSX’ s Register of Sponsors, having successfully completed all necessary application forms prescribed by the NSX; and

(c) have paid the necessary fees


NSX Stock Broker / Trading Broker
Membership requirements for Stock Brokers

Company / Natural person, resident in Namibia (Namibian Citizenship)
Pass qualifying examinations (ie. NSX Stock Broker Exams)
NSX Member Rights - Corporate entity to acquire at least 3 stock exchange rights (at prevailing value as determined in NSX AFS)
NSX Member Rights - Managing director to acquire at least 3 stock exchange rights (at prevailing value as determined in NSX AFS)
Independent Broker Screening Committee evaluation
Notice of application on NSX Notice board (3 weeks)
Security to committee for no less than NAD 8000 or the value of NAD 8000
Additional Examinations include Registered Persons Exams, Traders Exams, Settlement Officers Exams & Compliance Officer Exams offered by SAIFM, website address saifm.co.zafor more information.
Reference to NSX Rules on “Membership”