Stockbroker Examinations

The NSX holds stockbroking exams twice a year usually in March/April and September/October.

Any candidate wishing to write the exams can apply by filling in an application form (please find below) and making the relevant payment (N$ 3500.00 per paper) to the NSX for whichever exam he/she would like to write. No minimum qualifications are set for these exams as they are intended for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the financial services industry i.e. any person in Namibia can sit for the exams.

Three papers are written namely; Paper I Rules and Regulations (Act, Rules and Directives), Paper II Investment Principles and Paper III Portfolio Management on specified dates.

For Papers II and III, no study material is provided. Candidates wishing to write these are expected to find their own study material to study from. However, a syllabus is provided by the NSX to give guidance as to what topics they should cover in order to be adequately prepared for the exams.

Study material for Paper I can be bought from the NSX at a cost of N$ 780.00 plus an extra N$ 75.00 for additional copies of all adjustments made to the rules in the past years.

In 2019 the NSX successfully offered training to interested candidates on Listings & Continuous Obligations. Interested candidates may contact the NSX to enquire on the different training that can be provided.


NSX Stock Broking Exam Dates: March 2020

All existing exam bookings for April 2020 are postponed to May 2020. New registrations will be done in the latter part of the year.


16 March 2020– Investment Principles (Paper II)

23 March 2020– Portfolio Management (Paper III)

New date: 09 June 2020 09h00 – NSX Rules & Regulations (Paper I)

The closing date for enrollments will be 14 February 2020

NSX Stock Broking Exam Dates: September 2020

07 September 2020– Investment Principles (Paper II)

14 September 2020– Portfolio Management (Paper III)

21 September 2020– NSX Rules & Regulations (Paper I)

The closing date for enrollments will be 07 August 2020

NB: In order to register to write the Stock Broking exams, candidate(s) will need to complete the Application form one (1) month in advance and return to the Information Officer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at the Namibian Stock Exchange together with the proof of payment.


Application Form for Stockbroker Exams