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What else do we need to know?

What else do we need to know before we apply?

  • Each participating team is credited with a fictitious amount of N$ 500,000
  • Teams consist of 3-4 members
  • 5 teams per school can participate (if more teams want to register, kindly contact NSX for approval)
  • Universities can enter as much as they like
  • Listed company name + share prices
  • Number of shares bought
  • Value of money (buy/sell)



  • No change in order may be made once the instructions on the trading app is submitted
  • Shares may only be bought or sold on the NSX listed shares
  • Teams may query a trade up to 30-calendar days after the transaction has taken place. No queries will be accepted after this period.
  • Transactions will be levied at virtual brokerage fees of 0.5%
  • Teams may not invest more than 20% (N$ 100 000) of their cash in any one share at any given time (inclusive of the 0.5% brokerage fee)
  • The organisers, sponsors and their immediate families are not eligible to take part in the competition.
  • The decision of judges is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Take up the challenge!!!!

Launch of the NSIC 2022 by the Namibian Stock Exchange powered by Old Mutual, FureMedia and the Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI)

General Information



The aim of the Namibian Students' Investment Challenge is to introduce university and secondary school students to share investments and to provide them with knowledge on broader aspects of capital market operations, to give them an understanding of commercial dynamics and the macroeconomic environment through a fun and far reaching educational programme. Each participating team is credited with a fictitious amount of N$ 500 000.00 to be used for buying shares. Trading starts as of the 01 April 2022, ending 16 September 2022. Progress evaluations will be done over this period. Teams who produce the highest returns or incur the least losses in their portfolios over the period will be announced the winner. 


Students will gain invaluable experience in investment as well as gain useful knowledge that complement their studies in subjects such as Commerce, Accounting and Economics. Furthermore, the challenge provides students with an opportunity to work as a team using their combined research skills to investigate listed companies. This should offer them valuable insight on the workings of the financial market. We also believe that the Challenge will encourage students, lecturers, parents and public at large to become more aware of the workings of the Namibian capital market.  This should ultimately lead to a wider participation and lay a foundation for long term-term sustainable growth of the domestic capital market.  

Do you have any problems/questions?

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