How to trade on the NSX

This information is provided by the NSX as an educational service to investors. The information provided is not a legal interpretation of regulator policy. Investors who have questions about the meaning or application of any of the information provided should consult with a certified and licensed stockbroker, investment advisor or financial advisor.

To become an investor, an individual must select and contact a registered stockbroker A stockbroker is an appointed agent who is authorized to execute, buy or sell instructions on an investor’s account.

They have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients which implies management and safekeeping. You can give the broker permission to deal on your account (this is known as a managed portfolio), you will need to sign a mandate confirming that he can deal on your behalf on your account. Without this mandate the broker can only deal with your prior approval for each transaction. They can also give advice which stock to buy.

The contact details of the brokers are as follows:



By far the largest and most active buyers and sellers of shares on the NSX are institutions. Pension funds, life insurance companies, and Unit trusts collect vast sums of money through regular contributions from savers. This money is invested primarily in listed shares in Namibia, South Africa and elsewhere. The value of these assets runs into many billions of Namibia dollars. Because government regulations oblige Namibian pension funds and life insurance companies to hold 35% of their assets in the form of local assets, which include shares listed on the NSX, there is always pressure on them to buy NSX listed shares. However, individuals like you can also buy and sell shares in the same way as these institutions.

There are many ways for people to save money. Each of these ways involves a different amount of risk and reward. Anyone with money to save must therefore decide how much risk they can bear. It is imperative to obtain appropriate professional advice when evaluating this risk and stockbrokers are best suited to advice or investing in the stock market.