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Please check the News - Covid19 Information to get the current state of the NSX and TS regarding the Covid-19 situation.

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The Namibian Scholars' Investment Challenge (NSIC) will resume in 2021 only. Thanks for your understanding. For further queries, kindly contact Johene at info@nsx.com.na.

In the meantime, prepare yourself to be ready and read all necessary information under the menu NSIC.


Why Listing at NSX

Read about the advantages in regards of FINANCING, ORIGINAL SHAREHOLDERS, EMPLOYEES and GENERAL. What are the Basic Requirements? How is the Procedure for Listing? Read more...

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Namibian Stock Exchange Contacts

Tiaan Bazuin – Chief Executive Officer
Alexandrea Hendricks – Chief Financial Officer
Johene Saal – Chief Information Officer
Namibian Stock Exchange
4 Robert Mugabe Avenue
Entrance from Dr. Theo-Ben Gurirab Street
P.O.Box 2401
Tel: +264 61 227 647
Fax: +264 61 248 531
E-mail: info@nsx.com.na

Transfer Secretaries Contacts

Alexandrea Hendricks – Manager
Adelheid Scholtz – Administrator
Maria Amutenya – Administrator
Theresia Kavangelwa – Administrator
Transfer Secretaries
4 Robert Mugabe Avenue
Entrance from Dr. Theo-Ben Gurirab Street
P.O.Box 2401
Tel: +264 61 227 647
Fax: +264 61 248 531
E-mail: ts@nsx.com.na
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